Agitators, Pure liquids

Agitators, Liquids and solids

Agitators, Liquids-variable density

Blowers, Centrifugal

Blowers, Lobe

Blowers, Vane

Brewing & Distilling, Bottling machinery

Brewing & Distilling, Brew kettles - continuous duty

Brewing & Distilling, Cookers - continuous duty

Brewing & Distilling, Mash tubs - continuous duty

Brewing & Distilling, Scale hopper - frequent starts

Can filling machines

Car dumpers

Car pullers



Clay working machinery, brick press

Clay working machinery, Briquette machine

Clay working machinery, Pug mill


Compressors, Centrifugal

Compressors, Lobe

Compressors, Reciprocating, multi-cylinder

Compressors, Reciprocating, single - cylinder

Conveyors - general purpose, Uniformly loaded or fed

Conveyors - general purpose, Not uniformly fed

Conveyors - general purpose, Reciprocating or shaker

Cranes, Dry dock, Main hoist

Cranes, Dry dock, Auxilliary hoist

Cranes, Dry dock, Boom hoist

Cranes, Dry dock, Slewing drive

Cranes, Dry dock, Traction drive

Cranes, Container, Main hoist

Cranes, Container, Boom hoist

Cranes, Container, Trolley drive, Gantry drive

Cranes, Container, Trolley drive, Traction drive

Cranes, Mill duty, Main hoist

Cranes, Mill duty, Auxilliary

Cranes, Mill duty, Bridge

Cranes, Mill duty, Trolley travel

Cranes, Industrial duty, Main

Cranes, Industrial duty, Auxilliary

Cranes, Industrial duty, Bridge

Cranes, Industrial duty, Trolley travel

Crusher, Stone or ore

Dredges, Cable reels

Dredges, Conveyors

Dredges, Cutter head drives

Dredges, Pumps

Dredges, Screen drives

Dredges, Stackers

Dredges, Winches

Elevators, Bucket

Elevators, Centrifugal discharge

Elevators, Escalators

Elevators, Freight

Elevators, Gravity discharge

Extruders, General

Extruders, Plastics, Variable speed drive

Extruders, Plastics, Fixed speed drive

Extruders, Rubber, Continuous screw operation

Extruders, Rubber, Intermittent screw operation

Fans, Centrifugal

Fans, Cooling towers

Fans, Forced draft

Fans, Induced draft

Fans, Industrial & mine

Feeders, Apron

Feeders, Belt

Feeders, Disc

Feeders, Reciprocating

Feeders, Screw

Food industry, Cereal cooker

Food industry, Dough mixer

Food industry, Meat grinders

Food industry, Slicers

Generators and exciters

Hammer mills

Hoists, Heavy duty

Hoists, Medium duty

Hoists, Skip hoist

Laundry, Tumblers

Laundry, Washers

Lumber industry, Barkers - spindle feed

Lumber industry, Barkers - Main drive

Lumber industry, Conveyors - burner

Lumber industry, Conveyors - Main or heavy duty

Lumber industry, Conveyors - Main log

Lumber industry, Conveyors - Re-saw, merry-go-round

Lumber industry, Conveyors, Slab

Lumber industry, Conveyors, Transfer

Lumber industry, Chains, Floor

Lumber industry, Chains, Green

Lumber industry, Cut-off saws, Chain

Lumber industry, Cut-off saws, Drag

Lumber industry, Debarking drums

Lumber industry, Feeds, Edger

Lumber industry, Feeds, Gang

Lumber industry, Feeds, Trimmer

Lumber industry, Log deck

Lumber industry, Log hauls - incline - well type

Lumber industry, log turning devices

Lumber industry, Planer feed

Lumber industry, Planer tilting hoists

Lumber industry, Rolls - live-off bearing - roll cases

Lumber industry, Sorting table

Lumber industry, Tipple hoist

Lumber industry, Transfers, Chain

Lumber industry, Transfers, Craneway

Lumber industry, Tray drives

Lumber industry, Veneer lathe drives

Metal mills, Draw bench carriage and main drive

Metal mills, Runout table, Non-reversing, Group drives

Metal mills, Runout table, Non-reversing, Individual drives

Metal mills, Reversing

Metal mills, Slab pushers

Metal mills, Shears

Metal mills, Wire drawing

Metal mills, Wire winding machine

Metal strip processing machinery, Bridles

Metal strip processing machinery, Coilers & uncoilers

Metal strip processing machinery, Edge trimmers

Metal strip processing machinery, Flatteners

Metal strip processing machinery, Loopers (accumulators)

Metal strip processing machinery, Pinch rolls

Metal strip processing machinery, Scrap choppers

Metal strip processing machinery, Shears

Metal strip processing machinery, Slitters

Mills, rotary type, Ball & rod

Mills, rotary type, Spur ring gear

Mills, rotary type, Helical ring gear

Mills, rotary type, Direct connected

Mills, rotary type, Cement kilns

Mills, rotary type, Dryers & coolers

Mixers, Concrete

Paper mills, Agitator (mixer)

Paper mills, Agitator for pure liquors

Paper mills, Barking drums

Paper mills, Barkers - mechanical

Paper mills, Beater

Paper mills, Breaker stack

Paper mills, Calender

Paper mills, Chipper

Paper mills, Chip feeder

Paper mills, Coating rolls

Paper mills, Conveyors, Chip, bark, chemical

Paper mills, Conveyors, Log (including slab)

Paper mills, Couch rolls

Paper mills, Cutter

Paper mills, Cylinder molds

Paper mills, Dryers, Paper machine

Paper mills, Dryers, Conveyor type

Paper mills, Embosser

Paper mills, Extuder

Paper mills, Fourdrinier rolls

Paper mills, Jordan

Paper mills, Kiln drive

Paper mills, Mt. Hope roll

Paper mills, Paper rolls

Paper mills, Platter

Paper mills, Presses - felt & suction

Paper mills, Pulper

Paper mills, Pumps - vacuum

Paper mills, Reel (surface type)

Paper mills, Screens, Chip

Paper mills, Screens, Rotary

Paper mills, Screens, Vibrating

Paper mills, Size press

Paper mills, Super calender

Paper mills, Thickener (AC motor)

Paper mills, Thickener (DC motor)

Paper mills, Washer (AC motor)

Paper mills, Washer (DC motor)

Paper mills, Wind and unwind stand

Paper mills, Winders (surface type)

Paper mills, Yankee dryers

Plastics industry, Primary processing, Intensive internal mixers

Plastics industry, Primary processing, Batch mixers

Plastics industry, Primary processing, Continuous mixers

Plastics industry, Primary processing, Batch drop mill - 2 smooth rolls

Plastics industry, Primary processing, Continuous feed, holding & blend mill

Plastics industry, Primary processing, Compounding mill

Plastics industry, Primary processing, Calenders

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Blow molders

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Coating

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Film

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Pipe

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Pre-plasticizers

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Rods

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Sheet

Plastics industry, Secondary processing, Tubing

Pullers - barge haul

Pumps, Centrifugal

Pumps, Proportioning

Pumps, Reciprocating, Single acting, 3 or more cylinders

Pumps, Reciprocating, Double acting, 2 or more cylinders

Rotary, Gear type

Rotary, Lobe

Rotary, Vane

Rubber industry, Intensive internal mixers, Batch mixers

Rubber industry, Intensive internal mixers, Continuous mixers

Rubber industry, Mixing mill - 2 smooth rolls

Rubber industry, Batch drop mill - 2 smooth rolls

Rubber industry, Cracker warmer - 2 rolls; 1 corrugated roll

Rubber industry, Cracker - 2 corrugated rolls

Rubber industry, Holding, feed & blend mill - 2 rolls

Rubber industry, Refiner - 2 rolls

Rubber industry, Calenders

Sand muller

Sewage disposal equipment, Bar screens

Sewage disposal equipment, Chemical feeders

Sewage disposal equipment, Dewatering screens

Sewage disposal equipment, Scum breakers

Sewage disposal equipment, Slow or rapid mixers

Sewage disposal equipment, Sludge collectors

Sewage disposal equipment, Thickeners

Sewage disposal equipment, Vacuum filters

Screens, Air washing

Screens, Rotary - stone or gravel

Screens, Traveling water intake

Sugar industry, Beet slicer

Sugar industry, Cane knives

Sugar industry, Crushers

Sugar industry, Mills (low speed end)

Textile industry, Batchers

Textile industry, Calenders

Textile industry, Cards

Textile industry, Dry cans

Textile industry, Dryers

Textile industry, Dyeing machinery

Textile industry, Looms

Textile industry, Mangles

Textile industry, Nappers

Textile industry, Pads

Textile industry, Slashers

Textile industry, Soapers

Textile industry, Spinners

Textile industry, Tenter frames

Textile industry, Washers

Textile industry, Winders